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Five Signs that you need ChainSync

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Failure to upsell or resell to past customers.

Are your franchisees leaving money on the table by ignoring the revenue potential from past customers?
If your system for tracking customer info is paper-based or a series of excel sheets, there’s likely a huge opportunity you are missing out on. Plus it’s far easier and cheaper to sell more to your current customers than it is to find and convert completely new customers.

With ChainSync’s CRM Module to manage your customer data all your franchisees can perform like an “A” player, and you will have a 360-degree view of the sales cycle and pipeline.


New sales leads are falling through the cracks

Are all the high-quality leads being properly nurtured by your franchisees? You invest heavily in national and local marketing efforts but, sadly, too many leads go un-contacted or the person received just one or two voicemails before the sales rep moves on.

ChainSync’s Marketing Automation module ensures your franchisee sales staff are following up promptly on all qualified leads. No lead is left behind and you get more R in your ROI.


Ineffective Field Inspections

Are your field audits cumbersome, time-consuming and rarely beneficial to your franchisees? With the requirement to conduct multiple inspections that cover everything from finances, quality assurance, customer experience and regulatory issues it’s not easy to ensure compliance without a cloud-based, mobile-ready solution.

With ChainSync’s Field Audit module you can ensure compliance, reduce the cost of audits and engage franchisees in a positive manner to ensure their success.


Missing the daily pulse of the organization

If you aren’t seeing performance numbers daily, you are missing out on opportunities to take action. With hundreds of branches each generating dozens of key metrics every day it’s critical that you, as the franchisor, are using the best of today’s technology to take the pulse and run your business in real-time.

With ChainSync’s Royalty Management module you have a dashboard that helps you focus on the right things, right now.


Weak Operations at the Franchisee

Are your franchisee staff optimizing the flow of customers, the scheduling of people, rooms, trucks and other resources? High staff turnover and paper-based manuals make it a real struggle to have every operation firing on all cylinders, all time.

With ChainSync’s Training module, you ensure that every person in your entire organization has the information at their fingertips to resolve immediate franchisee issues and eliminate any operational bottlenecks.

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