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Simplify how your franchisees place orders for supplies


Simple Shopping Cart

Your franchisees will enjoy an intuitive, simple-to-use online catalogue to order their required items.

Branded Online Catalogue


Fully Branded Site

The online catalogue will match your franchise’s professional branding guidelines to provide a uniform experience for the buyer.

Track & Manage Supplies


Real-time Tracking

With ChainSync’s e-commerce module, everything is tracked and managed for you in real-time. Your suppliers can also be tied into this.

Ensure your franchisees have all the materials they need to succeed

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Unlimited Products

You can add as many items to your catalogue as you need.

Flexible Shipping

Your franchisees have several options for transporting their order.

Powerful Back-End

Head Office staff have all the tools they need to manage the online store.

What our customers are saying about ChainSync

“Since launching ChainSync we are much better at connecting with our potential new franchisees. It’s a complex process but ChainSync keeps everything in sync."

Nick Titus - VP Operations, GradePower Learning

“ChainSync’s CRM is a complete sales funnel that requires only minor data entry, the system runs on auto pilot after that. This can potentially lead to sales increases and higher customer acquisition rates."

Zeeshan Syed - Oxford Learning Franchisee

“No prospects are ever neglected. ChainSync ensures that every parent that completes the contact form on my website, will be nurtured through the sales cycles."

Nick Whitehead – Oxford Learning Founder

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