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ChainSync Launches Franchise Management System in the Cloud

Posted June 04, 2013

The ChainSync team is thrilled to share their creation with the franchise industry. The Beta release of the ChainSync system launches with 5 integrated modules that each have a host of features to make it easier for franchisors to sell more franchises, manage more branches and save more time.

Here’s our gift to Franchise Owners everywhere.


Accelerates your franchisee's sales performance through rapid lead response, and improved selling discipline.

Marketing Automation

The integrated platform enables localized marketing campaigns across thousands of locations.


Allow your franchisee's to set schedules for multiple resources such as work teams, rooms, trucks, work bays or machinery.

Royalty Management

Automatically compute royalty payments due from each franchisee and generate the necessary invoices.


Simplify how your franchisees place orders for supplies. Now everything is tracked and managed for you in real-time.

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