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ChainSync announces first US-based Franchise Client

Posted October 11, 2013

The management team at Grade Power Learning has made the decision to start operating their franchise on ChainSync. Grade Power operates dozens of educational centres across the USA and they see ChainSync as the toolkit to assist them in converting more leads to customers and optimizing the productivity of every branch.

“Our existing system wouldn’t scale with our business.” states Roy Titus of Grade Power. “With ChainSync we have one system that manages the entire lifecycle of a customer including lead conversion, billing and scheduling. ChainSync will make adding new franchisees so much easier”

Mike Delorenzi, Founder and CEO of ChainSync welcomes this move into the US market. “Within a few months of beta release, ChainSync is proving to be successful with service-based franchise organizations such as tutoring services. With a US-based franchise such as Grade Power coming onboard, the ChainSync is ready to continue expanding in other countries.”

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