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Complex Franchise Customer Relationships

Posted September 17, 2015

Franchise Management System Classroom Workflow

How your franchisees manage their leads, clients, and prospects is going to have more effect on their success than anything else.

ChainSync’s CRM Records track more than a single person; our CRM links with other records to form relationships. Here are a couple of examples of multiple record relationships:

  • Teacher/Parent/Student
  • Agent/Home Inspector/client
  • Company/Work Crew (or van)/Workers/Clients
  • Franchisor/Franchisee/Driver/Client

All of the individuals in the workflow interact: and all of them may get different automated marketing and follow-up messages since their tasks and responsibilities are divergent.

Example: A parent calls in because their child (the student) isn’t feeling well. By simply updating a single record, the following will automatically happen:

  • Class Schedule updated
  • Student's schedule updated
  • Student's goals and education plan updated
  • Teacher notified of absence
  • Invoice and billing adjusted if necessary
  • Re-scheduling options and cancellation confirmation sent to Father (and any other parent or guardian also related to the student)

A single edit results in 6 steps being automated. Six tasks merged into one saves a lot of time, and our customers save those steps many times a day at each location. All in all, a large brand can realistically save 1,000 steps every day.

Wouldn't you love to have that time to focus on growing instead of managing ?

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