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Per User Fees are the Enemy of Franchise Brands

Posted July 09, 2015

Per User Fees for Franchise Management systems

The bulk of cloud software application price their software by user. Makes sense right ? Most applications are licensed by one person to do one thing.

But if you are reading this blog, chances are that you are a Franchise Brand playing a completely different ballgame and per user fees are your enemy!

1: User Fees add up very quickly: as you grow you ad new staff, new franchises, new employees, all of them are users and they will all add to the incremental cost of ownership of your system. Additional users are additional costs—and unless your brand gets smaller… The cost only go up.

2: If there is a fee for every single user, Most brands just have less people use the system. So, a brand will have to payi for additional systems for those people to use. Or, what happens most often, employees just aren't granted access to the things they need. Per user fees almost always result in an underutilized system.

3: Less people getting things accomplished: The cost increase do to user fees discourage franchise brands from having all their employees use the same system. That means less people to get things done.

4: Inaccurate Reporting/Lack of Proper Metrics: Franchise brands are data driven organizations. The more mature a franchise is the more data they need to uncover inefficiencies and find areas to improve. You need data from every employee and if the majority of your employees are not on the same system it is very difficult to get quality data and metrics.

These reasons (and more !) are why ChainSync doesn't charge an individual user fee per location or for head office employees. We are committed to pricing strategies that are designed for the needs of franchise organizations. We are all in the same boat and what is good for franchising is good for ChainSync. Book a meeting today and let us show you how we can help.

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