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PHP: Makes Branding and Rebranding your Franchise System Easy

Posted May 05, 2015

PHP Franchise Management System

Almost all Franchise Management Systems have an interface that is branded to match the look and feel of a clients logo and color scheme. BUT, the question you should ask is "How much am I going to have to pay for it?". Many older non-php systems can be branded but with many it is a "customization" that you have to pay for. So, in addition to paying for your system branding up front--if you change your logo or color scheme you are going to have to pay again.

That is of course, unless you have a ChainSync Franchise Management System !

At ChainSync our modern and mobile friendly PHP platform has administrative functions (like branding) coded as applications so they can be changed or updated at anytime without the need of costly custom engineering.

Branding Screenshot of System

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