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Put your Franchise Marketing on Auto-Pilot

Posted December 13, 2016

One of the key reasons someone becomes a franchisee is to have a proven business model and set of tools that they can use to operate the business in their local market. A good franchise business model puts many business functions, including marketing, on auto-pilot for the franchisee.

The goal of any franchise marketing initiative is to generate more revenue for your company. To accomplish this, you need to drive prospects to your website and then trigger a phone call, a visit or an email inquiry. Where ChainSync really makes an impact is the conversion of these leads into regular customers.

With ChainSync software, franchisors can now give their local operators all the tools then need to ensure every consumer inquiry is handled properly and in a timely way. Essentially putting lead conversion on auto-pilot.

ChainSync’s marketing module allows the franchisor to establish a pre-set “stream of events” or tasks that will occur automatically after a prospect has made an inquiry like this one.

Trigger Event: prospect sends an email inquiry  

Step 1: introduction phone call  within 1 day of trigger

Step 2: introduction email is sent within 2 days of trigger

Step 3: follow-up phone call within 4 days

Step 4: a personalized postcard is mailed within 6 days

Step 5: follow-up email is sent within 10 days

The marketing automation software sends out the emails and the postcards automatically. It also opens and monitors task requests for the people intensive steps like making phone calls.

But what does that mean for you as a franchisor?

You can measure the impact of every marketing initiative
You can test different “Streams” and deploy the best ones to all locations
You can see which locations are properly converting their leads
Your franchisees are set-up for success in growing their business

Here at ChainSync, we want to help you, as a franchisor, to reach your goals faster. The marketing features of our platform makes it easy for you to get your message out to your target prospects and turn them into paying customers.

The full system is everything a franchise needs to keep multiple sites connected, informed and in-sync.


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