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The Simple Idea

Franchisors deserve the time to do what they love.


ChainSync makes it easy for franchisors to manage and grow their business. With ChainSync at your fingertips, you can recruit more franchisees, streamline operations, monitor performance and turn leads into customers. It’s everything a franchise needs to keep multiple sites connected, informed and in-sync.

Franchise Management made Easy

Somewhere along the journey from start-up to recruiting a hundred franchisees, business became complicated. Very complicated. Fortunately, a team of experienced web developers and business operators set out to make franchise management easy for everyone.

“We’ve created one cohesive service
to run their growing chain of businesses.”

For franchisors, we’ve created one cohesive service to run their growing chain of businesses. For franchisees, we’re making it easier to find more customers and run their local operation.

Going Live

By the summer of 2013, five core modules of ChainSync had been completed, including: CRM, Marketing Automation, Scheduling, E-Commerce and Financials. The Oxford Learning Management Team was excited to unveil this outstanding new tool to a select group of their franchisees. With great anticipation, the group was very impressed with the initial stages of ChainSync and how it enabled them to run their operations with ease and efficiency. Soon, the plans to launch the system across all 120 Oxford Learning branches in Canada, the Caribbean and the Middle East was set in motion. By September 2013, all Oxford Learning centres began to enjoy the benefits of ChainSync.

“I love that everything we need to operate our centre is on the system.”
– Marie-Eve Senecal, Oxford Learning Franchisee
Brossard, Quebec

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Gaining Momentum

The ChainSync team expanded in late 2014 with the addition of several new employees, the ChainSync Team also received $500k in growth funding ear-marked to accelerate the rate of growth in franchise clients, to generate more jobs in London and to expand the platform.

Spreading the Good News

Yes, it’s true. You can fall in love with your franchise – all over again. The ChainSync team was busy pounding the pavement in 2015, attending the IFA convention in Las Vegas, the CFA convention shows in Niagara Falls and Frantech in Dallas and talking with franchisors about their system challenges. One takeaway is how remarkably quick these business owners are at seeing the value of management software that simply works the way they expect it to.

The Standard for Education Brands

In 2015, we doubled the number of franchisee users from the education industry from 500 to over 1,000. Educational franchises have unique challenges and the ChainSync platform addresses these better than any other solution. ChainSync can easily accommodate the parent / classroom / teacher / student relationships that require complex multi-level management.

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