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What our clients are saying about ChainSync

“I love the scheduling feature in ChainSync. It is very practical and all hours are tracked easily. The bulk email feature allows me to send out mass emails to my clients letting them know about extra events, additional hours, and holiday courses. I love that everything we need to operate our centre is on the system. Whether it’s process manuals or operation materials, everything I need is on ChainSync. Now I can track day-to-day how my centre is growing compared to the exact same day last year.”

Marie-Eve Senecal, Oxford Learning Franchisee Brossard, Quebec, Canada

“Overall this new system is world class. It allows me as a franchisee to have a crystal clear synopsis of how well our organization is doing in reaching its goals. It also allows us to track, manage, and at a moments notice make decisions based on facts that we typically would not see. The Dashboard gives me a bird’s eye view of exactly where my business is so I can make recalibrating decisions. The visual representation with the graphs makes it easy for team leaders to share with staff results and give cues to how the team is performing. The CRM function is a complete sales funnel that requires only basic data entry, the system runs on auto pilot after that. This can potentially lead to sale increases and higher customer acquisition rates as team members can focus energy on customer service instead of canvassing old leads. This is by far the best system we have had. Its user friendliness, clean interface, and reporting features are easily the greatest tool any franchisee can have in operating a business.”

Zeeshan Syed, Oxford Learning Franchisee Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“Britown Music has been using ChainSync and it definitely help increased productivity and sales. Scheduling and rescheduling lessons and group classes is a big part of the job. Making sure our calendar is up-to-date and families know when and where they need to be is important to maintaining the level of service we strive for. The beauty of ChainSync’s program is how seamlessly it automates so many tasks: tracking lessons and appointments, following up with customers, tracking leads. The amount of time it saves and data it crunches is remarkable. Coupling these features with a fool proof, customized, and automated marketing program gives us a distinct competitive advantage. ChainSync keeps our business humming.”

Brian Nelles, Owner of Britown Music London, Ontario, Canada

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